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Prague, Czech Republic

P12-04 Pistachio Prague web

Day 10 – Prague, Czech Republic

Hit the ground running as soon as I arrived. Checked into the hostel (my first time), met some cool people, went to a riverside party, ate a burrito (yes, in Prague, because why not), and did graffiti at the John Lennon wall.


Day 11 – Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, in all its cobblestone glory, is the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to.

Sam Ryu - Prague, Czech Republic - Charles Bridge 1253

As I have been doing all trip long, I asked the locals about the things I should do and see. After all the perfunctory recommendations, one man let me in on a local secret: Vyšehrad.

It was far enough south to not be on the city map (the free paper ones you get from information desks), but not so far that I couldn’t walk. Despite the hour it took to get there, it was the perfectly secluded place I needed to go.

My time at Vyšehrad ended up being the most reflective and special hour of my trip. I’m not good enough of a writer to describe why it was such a special place. It was, among other things, an amalgam of serene beauty and a confrontation with impermanence.

Sam Ryu - Prague, Czech Republic - Vysehrad 1222

I wanted to walk through a new part of the city on the way back, so I took a different route than the one I followed to get to Vyšehrad.

But remember how I said that this place was “far enough south to not be on the city map” that I had? Well, I got lost. Which would’ve been all romantic and shit in the whole “getting lost and exploring” sense of the traveler’s credo, but I was lost for about two hours—so, not very fun. I eventually found my way back thanks to the only human I came across in what felt like forever.


Day 12 – Prague, Czech Republic

Despite my swollen feet from the day before, I walked westward across the Charles Bridge (pictured above, earlier) to see the Prague Castle and other great sites.

Sam Ryu - Prague, Czech Republic - Castle 1344

I also took a detour to the Strahov Monastery, where the local monks run their own brewery. I was told that sometimes the monks would come drink with you—which I had high hopes for after another hour-long uphill trek. But much to my disappointment, the monks were not there.

The beer was still there though—and so was a great view to enjoy with it.

Sam Ryu - Prague, Czech Republic - Monastery 1415


Odds and Ends

  • Most beautiful city? Yes. But also the most average food.
  • They were putting the finishing touches on the city’s famous Christmas Market during my last night in Prague. A little bummed I didn’t get to see it.
  • So many tourists.
  • I got kürtőskalács again! They called it something else in Prague and it didn’t taste as good as it did in Budapest.
  • The cobblestone streets reminded me of my favorite route to business classes at USC. There was a small brick pathway between the law school and the business school with one loose brick that would make the most pleasurable sound. (It sounded even better when someone rode a bike over it.)


The Polaroid above was taken in the bathroom of Cafe Ebel, which Diane heard good things about. I noticed the nice shade pistachio green on the bathroom wall and had to contort my body (the bathroom was tiny) while standing on the toilet to get this shot for my ongoing series.

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